25 engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings that wont bore your team!

Everyone can submit their answers with a web form or in the chat while you’re discussing the potential within each team member. This is another excellent option for large groups because the words can come from anonymous coworkers. You can prompt them by explaining how your office hero is a specific team member who always meets their deadlines or rocked a presentation last week.

unique virtual icebreakers

Getting together and not having a meeting can be a great ice breaker. Try one of these to encourage connectivity and give your team a much-needed social event. Being adaptable is important so make sure you have a “Plan B” if an https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ activity is a bust. Pay attention to the overall vibe and participants’ verbal and nonverbal cues to get a feel of how an icebreaker is being received. And don’t be afraid to pivot and stop if an activity is not well received.

3 Video Background Challenge

The icebreaker is backed by peaceful island sounds, so it’s a great way to set a relaxed, inviting tone at the start of any session. “Sharing more about who we are and what we enjoy outside of the office helps build trust, encourages communication, and increases collaboration across teams,” says Hannah. This doodling exercise is a fun way to get people thinking about the session topic as they join a meeting, workshop, or virtual networking event. These icebreakers are ideal for a creative session such as a brainstorming or design exercise.

But if someone can’t remember their first job, have them describe their favorite or second job instead. You present two opposing questions in this activity, but both are equally bad or equally good. Then members of your team have to decide which option they would prefer. Some of the best ideas at work are generated when casually chatting with colleagues in the break-room. The virtual water cooler is a great substitute for the physical version. Take a synchronized virtual coffee break with your colleague and try the virtual scavenger hunt.

Whatcha wearing? (Hey, keep it clean people!)

Virtual team building activities weave collaboration into the very seams of a  company’s remote work culture. It comprises activities such as virtual team icebreakers to bring everybody together, thereby bettering engagement. Not many virtual ice breakers are as perfect as this game https://remotemode.net/become-an-aws-cloud-engineer/aws-certified-cloud-practitioner/ for a team that operates remotely. Here, employees talk about novel features of their city without revealing the city name, and others have to guess it. Anytime you can get your team to help in the decision and planning process of a meeting, you will likely have greater buy-in.

  • Partner up your employees and assign one as the reader and one as the writer.
  • When it comes to virtual meetings, discover how an online whiteboard like Conceptboard can give you collaboration superpowers.
  • Use a random date generator and spin the wheel, coming up with a year or a month and year.
  • And ask them for feedback on what did and didn’t work to help you plan your next meeting icebreaker.
  • Here are five reasons it’s worth investing time and effort into online icebreakers.
  • When you’re creating your questions, just make sure to keep it fun and avoid political or divisive questions.

Events can open the door to more connection, and more growth. Discover why Airmeet is the #1 virtual and hybrid event platform, and how we can help you host events your attendees will never forget. Whether through virtual speed networking or collaboration to solve a murder, virtual activities help to forge connections between your attendees.

Best Icebreaker Questions for in a Pinch

These experiences can take many forms, but one common (and effective) approach is to use ice breakers to kick off a meeting. Have everyone join the meeting, and then one at a time, go around and have them introduce themselves as if they’re starting a news segment. For example, they might say, “Hello everyone, this is Jim, reporting live from my couch in Norfolk, where it’s currently 70 degrees and cloudy. Today’s news highlights include the dog hiding my socks and my youngest losing his favorite toy. Back to you, Dave.” It’s silly, fun, and can be a great way to feel more connected to everyone on the team.

  • Have them discuss ways to solve a problem with a new product.
  • For this virtual icebreaker game, start by collecting a heap of inspirational, relevant quotes in an online whiteboard or Google Doc.
  • The coworking spaces at Bond Collective are the perfect solution.
  • Employees will walk away feeling empowered to adhere to the words you have chosen for them to learn.

In this icebreaker, you’ll run three-person breakouts where participants answer as many icebreaker questions as they can from the flashcard deck within one minute. If you’re looking for a fun online icebreaker that doesn’t require a big investment of time, money, or effort to setup, we highly recommend doing a quick virtual dance party. Turn on an upbeat song and encourage everyone to get up and dance. This icebreaker will lure everyone out of passive viewer mode and get the energy flowing. Allow attendees to leave their cameras on or off, whatever they choose. Read on for frequently asked questions about virtual icebreaker activities.

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