BitRewards, Bringing Blockchain to Customer Loyalty to Gain Top ICO Ratings, Announces Main ICO

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To ensure that customers receive their BIT properly, each customer will have their own cryptocurrency wallet to store the received BIT along with a mobile app and other perks to benefit the customer as much as possible. Customers that shop at other participating stores do not need to have separate wallets for each store as BIT received from all partnered stores are stored in the same wallet automatically. Recently, more and more innovative businesses are starting to use cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in loyalty programs as an alternative. This presents a solution to the inherent problems in loyalty programs but in order for it to work properly, an efficient system must be in place to facilitate every process from start to finish. BitcoinRewards is a unique platform in the sense that you can earn a cashback in multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin Cash.

  • On top of this, TravebyBit also allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards of up to 10% when booking eligible flights & hotels.
  • The cost of such software starts from $200 per month, hence many retailers want to connect to the platform.
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  • BIT can also be redeemed at the same online store or used at other online stores participating in the BitRewards network.

Retailers only need to buy BIT to fund the capital of the loyalty program but that cost is easily recovered by the increased customer loyalty and increased revenue from using the network. A common complaint of traditional loyalty programs is the sheer number of accounts or cards needed to serve each program. For instance, you would need a card to receive loyalty rewards from company A, another card for company B, and so on. With BitRewards, you only need one digital wallet to store and receive BIT from all participating stores and as mentioned earlier, BIT can also be used in all BitRewards-connected stores without any problems. Customers of online stores participating in the BitRewards network are rewarded with BIT, the platform’s official cryptocurrency, as a cashback for meaningful actions decided by the stores themselves. BitRewards provides shoppers with a crypto-wallet, a mobile app, storage system loyalty card, gift card and geofencing.

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What makes BitRewards unique is that participating businesses use the platform to reward customers with cryptocurrencies instead of other alternatives. As mentioned earlier, all kinds of businesses are welcome and since everything is digital, business owners can easily scale their BitRewards loyalty program along with the growth of their business. Because of how the loyalty program works, the incentives for customers to spend and stay loyal to a store increases over time especially if the value of BIT rises. Since customers are rewarded in BIT which can be exchanged to real money or other cryptocurrencies, customer loyalty and trust will also increase. This leads to greater revenue for participating stores and greater rewards for customers—a win-win solution. BITREWARDS is a B2B2C rewards and loyalty solution built using Block chain and smart contract technology.

bitrewards ico

The BitRewards platform offers merchants an AI-based rewards platform and tools (plug-ins for connecting to the ecosystem, a crypto wallet, a mobile app, corporate loyalty system). Merchants get valuable loyalty technology, which allows them to manage the behavior of their users via the data-driven set of tools, which they can frictionlessly integrate with their web stores. It has an absolute value for the customers, as they get for their purchases and activities the liquid Ethereum-based tokens, which can be traded at an exchange, transferred to another wallet or redeemed for purchases.

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BitRewards also brings a lot of benefits to the retailers, because they get customers that are more satisfied with the rewards in crypto and become even more loyal. A comprehensive loyalty program increases the retailers’ revenue by dozens of percents. The stores are also tapping into the cryptoenthusiasts audience, which is quite active and appreciates the attention from the regular businesses. The unique value proposition for the retailers is that BitRewards will offer this valuable and expensive loyalty technology free of charge. The value of such software starts from $200/month, therefore thousands of retailers will be keen to connect to the platform. We can make such a claim, because we operate in the market of rewards and loyalty software for more than 5 years, have more than five hundred clients – online stores and deeply know their needs.

It enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency “BIT”, which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%. Because of the blockchain and its unique business model, this cutting-edge loyalty system is offered to the businesses free of charge. Customers are rewarded for their purchases with liquid Ethereum-based tokens that can be redeemed for future offers, purchases, or transferred to another crypto wallet and used on other products or services. It enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency «BIT», which helps to increase sales by an average of 17%.

bitrewards ico

Buyers using the BitRewards platform get rewards in cryptocurrency that are not tied up to one store. BIT can be redeemed at the same store or with the other BitRewards participating merchants via an online crypto-wallet connected to the participating merchants. The customers can also buy BIT on the open market (e.g. exchanges, etc.) or via the Bancor liquidity smart contract. BitRewards also uses AI in its system to automatically configure the program’s functions to meet the unique needs of each business. This will help businesses to adapt its loyalty programs to their own unique target audience without requiring timely and expensive changes, contributing to a greater ROI compared to other loyalty programs.


At the same time, a customer’s BIT balance can be connected to a bank debit card which allows the customer to spend BIT like fiat, a feature not available in traditional point-based loyalty programs. It is an internal currency that will be used to conduct all operations within the BitRewards ecosystem. Customers of the online stores graft coin value participating in BitRewards Network will get BIT as a cash-back — a specific configurable percent on their purchases, their referral purchases, shares and likes in social networks and other actions. The cash-back will be credited to the customer’s automatically created crypto-wallet connected to the store via BitRewards plugin.

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The tokens are also designed so that they can go up in value in the course of time, which will give the customers a chance to see their rewards appreciate rather than expire. BitRewards platform is built on Ethereum blockchain, and it introduces BIT tokens with a utility functionality. BitRewards tokens (BIT) are the internal currency of the platform used to carry out all transactions within the ecosystem. BIT tokens can be redeemed with any BitRewards partner store or traded at an exchange.

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BitRewards is based on GIFTD, a motivational marketing SaaS for SMEs that has been (and still is) on the market for over 5 years. GIFTD was extremely successful and effective in the market, with participating small and medium-sized businesses enjoying a 17% increase in revenue on average thanks to the platform’s value proposition. Simply select a shop and click to the website, make your purchase and earn free bitcoins via Lightning.

BitRewards is one of the first blockchain movers in a +$100 billion industry of loyalty software, points, miles, stamps, bonuses and gift cards. As the value of BIT rises, the value of the customers’ wallets also rises which means that customers earn more the more they spend or as time goes on. This is stark in contrast to traditional loyalty programs which often have little to no value, nor do they appreciate over time.

Play games, fill up surveys, shop online, and get % of your purchase back paid in Bitcoin. CoinRebates is an easy to use Bitcoin reward program where you simply paste your Bitcoin address and choose the store where you want to shop. You then pay normally using PayPal or credit card, and Bitcoins get credited to you in 48 hours.

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Loyalty programs are not easy to setup and they can become very expensive especially for small businesses. Besides, having a loyalty program does not guarantee a business good results as customers may not accept it as well as retailers expect. For instance, many loyalty programs are criticized for their difficulty in earning points which leads to lesser customer loyalty and trust—things you definitely do not want in a business.

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BitRewards is a B2B2C platform for creating loyalty programs for online trading and service enterprises, based on a single ecosystem with the use of blockchain technology and an internal cryptocurrency. Its technology is based on GIFTD, a SaaS project operating in the field of user rewards and loyalty for more than five years. BIT can also be redeemed at the same online store or used at other online stores participating in the BitRewards network.

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bitrewards ico

On top of this, TravebyBit also allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards of up to 10% when booking eligible flights & hotels. This offer is based on information provided solely by the offeror and other publicly available information. The token sale or exchange event is entirely unrelated to ICOholder and ICOholder has no involvement in it (including any technical support or promotion). Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. You must obtain professional or specialist advice or carry out your own due diligence before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of the content on our site. Any terms and conditions entered into by contributors in respect of the acquisition of Tokens are between them and the issuer of the Token and ICOholder is not the seller of such Tokens.

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