If Katy Perry herself is actually a homosexual remains to be known; however, she indeed supplies the effect to be you to definitely

If Katy Perry herself is actually a homosexual remains to be known; however, she indeed supplies the effect to be you to definitely

Katy Perry are of the Demon. It is an embarrassment one to a young lady just who spent my youth inside church, got religious parents, carried out in the church, and also put out her own Gospel Video game; manage mature as a spokeswoman getting homosexuality, attracting the newest praises from sickos such as Madonna, which in her own image guide Intercourse illustrates herself because choosing dental intercourse away from a puppy. On top of that, Madonna worships Satan in her songs. How it happened so you’re able to Katy Hudson?

Earliest showed up Rock-‘n’-roll, after that fornication, then arrived abortion, now homosexuality

I’m hoping your hang oneself together with your H M garment While you are jerking regarding enjoying mozart Your bitch and you can moan regarding La Prepared you’re in the rain studying Hemingway.

You are so homosexual and you also do not even like men Zero your usually do not also such as for example No you you should never also including Zero your usually do not even eg Penis!

She certainly is actually take on the same rope due to the fact Demon. Like with everything else today, the only way to make-it-big in the activities business is to sell your spirit (initial Kings ), of the exhibiting allegiance so you can Satan’s end up in. It’s all from the money. Katy Perry possess a yes coming within this God-cursing, Christ-rejecting, Bible-hating, sinful industry; however, she’ll certainly pay money for the girl evils inside eternity (Hebrews 9:27).

Consumers has actually fabricated their particular Modern goodness which compromises, never ever delivers people to burn off for the Hell, does not have any trouble with abortion otherwise homosexuality, and you can lets folks towards the Eden

A warning to any or all Religious youthfulness. Katy Perry try a bad apple. Satan was a beautiful liar. You shouldn’t be deceived of the beauty of the Devil’s musicRock ‘N’ Roll is from the comfort of Heck and certainly will corrupt their morals. Next is downright idolatry and Luciferian praise.

Katy Perry sticks her center-digit up, serves including a nut, outfits and acts for example a beneficial sleazy slut, dances doing within her underwear towards the YouTube, poses raunchy within her undergarments during the Rolling Rocks journal, blasphemes Goodness, and you can glorifies this new sin out of homosexuality. also to top all of it from, she’s got title out of Jesus inked on her arm.

In the lyrics to the lady song, I Kissed A lady, Katy Perry states. Is not no fuss, it is simple. We shall, you may be 100% Incorrect Katy, while the Word of Goodness condemns homosexuality while the vile affections hence offer the fresh judgment out-of Jesus (Romans step 1:24-32). Usually do not child yourselfthe only gay wedding was ranging from a man and you will a woman. God-created Adam-and-eve; maybe not Adam and you may Steve. Jesus do not get some things wrong. Homosexuality try perverted. Help most of the Religious just who wants the lord Jesus Christ rise up against the evildoers, and you can why don’t we just take a stand from the specialists out of iniquity (Psalm ). Jesus is beloved!

America went to Hell. Hollywood homos are only famous as sinful community worships him or her. Superstar Praise Disorder (idolatry) features polluted all of our country. Hollywood’s wickedness DESENSITIZES visitors to the fresh new awfulness away from sin. The average person are not aware for the evils of abortion, homosexuality and you will porno. I’ve tolerated wickedness to own so long in the us that it happens to be all of our lifestyle. Abortion is probably the hushed holocaust!

Katy Perry (Hudson) is actually oriented into the River off Fire. The average person has been complacent and you can distorted within convinced, redefining Goodness to suit her humanistic opinions. Instead of glorifying the incontri transex fresh Goodness of the Bible the fact is, they rest from the Your. It’s all a number of lays! Otherwise glance at the straight entrance, you simply will not getting invited on the Paradise. You can not just compensate the legislation. The word out-of Goodness can not be damaged. John , . the Scripture can’t be broken. All of the Christ-rejecters might possibly be shed towards deepness from hellfire (Psalm nine:17; second Thessalonians step one:8-9; Disclosure -15).

Author: manolo
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